is a North American company providing innovative, low cost, upgrade solutions for the electrical transmission industry. We use tools and procedures that deal with your thermal rating clearance issues economically and safely ensuring effective operating compliance.


Ampjack is an engineering venture initiated to develop and utilize transmission line procedures, tools and technologies providing full package solution systems to Utility and Transmission Line Owners worldwide searching for innovative, cost effective and safe transmission line upgrade solutions.


  • AMPJACK® Tower Raising
  • Corrosion Solutions
  • Transmission Line Engineering
  • Construction Operations
  • Construction Management Services
  • High-Voltage Training & Methodologies


Southern California Edison 220kV TLRR

South Central California, USA May 2017

Four Double Circuit 220kV towers were raised 10ft and 15ft, while the transmission line remained energized. The project was completed in a total of 12 days.

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What's New

High-Voltage Training & Methodologies Services

Ampjack provides electrical utilities and power line contractors with a broad range of T&D training services. Our instructors and procedure/module developers have years of training and field experiance in distribution and transmission voltages up to 500 kV AC and 600 kV DC.

Ampjack HV Training